About Us


We are obsessed with quality. Whether it’s account based sales opportunity generation or manual contact data generation, the emphasis is on adding value to the person working on them immediately after.

Our leads get worked directly by CEOs or AEs (in larger firms) without additional qualification required. And data we produce can be used as is. We check that the First Names are indeed first names and not salutations or initials. We also see that company names are naturalized company names. You don’t want to send an email saying, ‘I see you are the VP, Procurement of Cathay Pacific Airways Limited’. People don’t talk like that, when people think of the company they work with they’d think just ‘Cathay Pacific’ Airways is understood and Limited is not really something people think of 😊.

We’ve created a company with best-practices that has worked for ages for us internally, and we incorporate changes as we continue to face ever-changing new challenges from the marketplace or people who receive emails or from the landscape itself (like changing gmail algorithms in what gets through to people’s inboxes).

We hope you hop on with us in our quest to provide quality services to salespeople in the B2B and Enterprise SaaS industry.