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Time Advisors

Time Advisors Travis Wallis and team do for fundraising what we do for sales. They do it with a twist. Since fundraising is relationship driven, Time Advisors focus on creating a capital graph of your network to expose funding opportunities. So if you are a CEO trying to raise from VCs or a VC trying to raise from LPs, please head to our contact us page and let me know if you’d be interested in exploring what’s possible with T/A.


PersistIQ As you can imagine I test loads of new email sending software each month, but I've stuck with PersistIQ for it's sheer simplicity and superior deliverability. All results that we aim for depend on people reading the emails we send first, so I think this is of importance.


TexAu There was a time, probably 15 years ago when we used to email prospects and call them, to set up meetings. These two channels are now pretty basic, meaning everyone does them. If you want to stay ahead of the curve and vouch for your prospects' attention, you need to be able to 'Growth Hack'. This systems provides a systemetized method to growth hack your way in front of people you want to.


Hyperise I'll just show you what this can do. My name's Raj for reference:

If you click on the image or logo and use: FPA20DISC, you can uncover a 20% discount-code.


Meetfox Meetfox If you take meetings to uncover, progress and close deals, then the meeting app is a touchpoint you want to use to impress prospective customers. I have my own online meeting room (no zoom) and the meeting link is my own domain. Easy and impressive. Click on the logo and you can subscribe to this amazing calendering + video room service.

The checker

The checker This one's a must have as well. When reaching out to people for sales opportunity prospecting, you want to make sure bounce rates are curbed to a minimum to keep the gmail gods happy :). We've used several vendors in this commoditized segment but use them primarily for the consistency in results as well as reasonable pricing. They have APIs so you can program rather than upload and export contact data manually. Click on the logo and you could get 30% extra checking credits on first purchase.

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect This is a Zapier alternative. (I hate to describe a business this way, as an alternative but this is really the easiest I could think of) But they use webhooks and are faster and as a result also priced at 1/10 the cost. We need a lot of tools to execute our ideas to effectively gain each new customer, and it's kind of a given that these tools need to talk to each other to some extent or the other.

We're sharing these now but we have been using them for a while and are impressed with the results. You could, of course, skip all these and hire us to do the work :)